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What's In the Bag

Inside each tote we give a message of Love, Hope and Community, and help to guide and support families through this hard time. We realized through our own journey that if we kept what was important to us at home (laughter, closeness, comfort) and were able to bring these feelings with us where ever we went, and whatever the day brought us (test, hospital, clinic) we stayed together strong and happy under unhappy circumstances.

When you purchase a tote or make a donation, you are insuring that a family will receive the love and support that our bags provide. We design our bags specifically for those who will receive them.They are gender and age appropriate and when possible include a gift for a sibling. Each tote is hand screen printed at home by our family which makes each bag a one of a kind.


  • Disposable Camera
  • Photo Album
  • Toys
  • Slippers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Ceramic mug
  • Hand made pillow case
  • Journal
  • Healthy snack foods
  • M.M.C Love Grace Society food voucher
  • Mp3 players for teens
  • Diapers for newborns
  • Books
  • Bathroom items
  • Information/resources/literature
  • Gas cards
  • Food cards
  • Cash for bills
  • Cash for specialized needs

(Financial help available only when monetary donations make this possible)

Items included in tote's will vary in style, color and brands. We believe the tote is the most useful way to distribute our goodies, because they can be reused. We relied on similar types of totes when leaving in a hurry for the hospital and during long stays.

Grace and Eli

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